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1. Bracket

2. Finger cup

3. Latch

4. Push mount

5. Tirette

6. Aluminum pull ring

7. Spring

8. Spring-clip

9. Window

10. Embossing

Filter can be embossed to give it some relief and to fit a specific machine.

11. Folding

Filter can be folded at custom angle to fit a specific machine.

12. Display pack

A display pack can be added to the filter with indication of the part number, instruction or any other informations.

13. Packaging

Filters can be individually or multi packed in a box or a bag.

14. Labelling

A label indicating part number, certification or any other informations can be stick on the filter.

15. Label

A label indicating the air flow can be affixed to the filter.

16. Embossed frame

Aluminum frame can be embossed to add some rigidity.
17. Brushed frame

Aluminum frame can be brushed to give it a top-of-the-line look.
18. Hole

The frame can be perforated to help draining or any other needs.
19. Protective film

A protective film can be put on the frame to preserve the brushed finish of aluminum or to protect stainless steel.

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